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Papilio machaon subspecies britannicus

Date: 5th June 2007
Location: How Hill, Norfolk

Camera: Nikon D2xs
Lens Nikon 105mm AFS VR Macro
Exposure: 1/125 F11 ISO200
Flash: SB600 with diffuser
Flash compensation: -2 stops

In the UK, this rare and spectacular species is confined to the fens of the Norfolk Broads. Although fairly conspicuous, they can be surprisingly difficult to photograph, not least because their preferred habitat makes them difficult to follow - unless you're prepared to get wet feet! In 2007 I made a concerted effort to obtain good images of this beautiful butterfly and this picture, though imperfect (the background could be better), is probably the best of the bunch - the result of more than 20 hours in the field and four visits.

The continental form of this species is not restricted to fenland and is a known migrant, whereas the British subspecies is sedentary and does not occur away from the Norfolk Broads.

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Malcolm Farrow Landscape and Natural History Photography