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Heath Fritillary
Melitaea athalia

Date: 2nd June 2007
Location: Thrift Wood, Essex

Camera: Nikon D2xs
Lens Nikon 105mm AFS VR Macro
Exposure: 1/125 F13 ISO200

The Heath Fritillary is one of the UK's rarest butterflies so the day I took this picture was one of the high spots of my photographic year in 2007. The populations of Heath Fritillary in the UK are widely separated, occuring in Kent, Devon and Essex, where this picture was taken. The Essex colonies are authorised re-introductions and the future of these wonderful butterflies depends on the continuation of active woodland management to provide the conditions they need.

Thrift Wood is an Essex Wildlife Trust reserve.

Visit the Essex Wildlife Trust Website

Heath Fritillary
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Malcolm Farrow Landscape and Natural History Photography
Malcolm Farrow Landscape and Natural History Photography